DrBurns’ Releaf™ – History

Dr. Elaine Burns, an Arizona-licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD), is the founder of DrBurns’ ReLeaf ™. Dr. Burns drew on over six years of significant clinical experience with medical marijuana patients as founder and medical director of Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Centers to develop the formulations used in DrBurns’ ReLeaf ™ products.


These proprietary formulations utilize Cannabinoids as the main constituent along with other superior botanicals; this synergy results in effective therapeutic outcomes. These formulations are based on scientific studies and case analysis, not just folklore, grandma’s remedies or old wives’ tales. They raise the bar of quality control for the entire industry.


The first medical marijuana products were developed based on experience with recreational cannabis. They were, however, often driven by high THC concentrations. “Medical marijuana patients do not want to get high. They want to get better” commented Dr. Burns. The new product line addresses this issue bridging the gap between what is therapeutically necessary with what is available.


In addition, Dr. Burns developed DrBurns’ ReLeaf ™ to ensure patients have access to safe & consistently high quality therapeutic products. All product batches are tested for environmental contaminants and potency.

DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ formulated products allow patients to get better, not high thus managing their health, differently.


Physician formulations are based on over six years of significant clinical experience with medical marijuana patients

 Formulations designed to give fast, reliable results and include other botanicals in addition to cannabis to target specific conditions

 Based on scientific studies

 Simplified / effective dosing guidelines and product labeling


Produce high quality, tested and verified therapeutic medicine to address a variety of medical conditions

Ensure the patient gets better, not high

Educate and advocate the larger community on the medical benefits of cannabis

Bridge the gap between what is medically necessary and what is actually available for patients

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure medical Cannabis patients have access to consistently high quality therapeutic Cannabis products rooted in science and not folklore.  Our proprietary formulas result in safe, effective, and economical treatment options for patients by combining whole cannabis plant extracts with other superior botanicals.





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